Head Vs Heart


It’s a real dilemma.

Do you go with the sensible option. The one that logic and reason would draw you towards? Or the one that makes your eyes widen and your heart race a little faster?

You know what it’s like – you find yourself in the shop with a fiver for your lunch. Your head tells you that the quinoa salad with carrot sticks and hummus dip would be the sensible option. And you’d still have enough left over for the super-food smoothie. But your heart spots that you could get fifteen creme eggs for that.

Maybe the convertible two-seater sports car makes your pulse race a little faster. “That’s the one for us”, your heart tells you. Tugging on your sleeve like an impatient toddler. “Lets sit in it! I bet it’s really fun!”. Meanwhile, your head is drawn to the sensible family hatchback at the other side of the showroom. Your head reminding you that your two children would not actually be able to fit in your heart’s choice.

Real life is tough – head and heart both need appeasing.

Close up magic on the other hand is easy. Do you go for the head – the clever tricks that make you smile at their ingenuity? The beautiful pieces of deception that take months of practice? The set pieces that wow your fellow magicians and win competitions? No. In close up magic, the heart wins every time. Every single time.

If it doesn’t make eyes widen and hearts beat faster, it doesn’t make it in to the repertoire. Magic is emotional. If it doesn’t appeal to the heart, it doesn’t matter how clever it is – it’s not good magic. Simple.

Best not follow this advice in real life though. You need to pay attention to both.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with type two diabetes. And your kids in a trailer behind your car.